Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Click this link and you will see my pepeha made out of Rakau
My Pepeha

Instructions to make your pepeha out of rakau:

1. get a desk.
2. get blue rakau (For awa), get green (for te Maunga), get brown (for Waka), and use orange or yellow for Ngapuhi and Hapu.
3. Get your Rorohiko and practice for recording.
4. When you know your pepeha off by heart then use your rorohiko to record. Then you finish.

Friday, 1 July 2016

1. Write down Pixect on your Rorohiko/ Laptop.
2. Click on your google and type the site up.
3. Take a photo of you and your roopu with your Matariki Maara garden.
4. When you finish taking the photo, there will be a save button click that and it will, save into your file.

There are some photos below check them out and comment thanks.
Use steps in case you wanna do some of this is all about doing maths have fun.