Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Cooking Day

Whainga ako: Write about cooking day and event using the orientation - using the 5 w’s.
Paearau angitu: Describe setting with who,what,where,why and when.

Plan - Cooking from Canada
Who - Whanau Whakaiti
Where - In our classes
Why - To celebrate our rugby world cup of different types of food for our Countries.
What - Cooking Canadian food

When - 13 November Friday

On Friday the 13 our class was making Canadian food.
We are celebrating for different countries for the rugby world cup and we make food.

Harmony NH was making chips Matariki was making pancakes and we were cooking in our classes. Tyler and I were making Garlic Fingers and it smelled so delicious. We had to be in groups to make different types of Canadian food. Harmony NH’s group was peeling potatoes. Oh I forgot the Whanau Whakaiti was cooking. Tyler and I were making some dough using dry yeast we put ½ sachets, of yeast into warm water and left it outside in the sun for 10 minutes. We added yeast mixture and the flour

made the dough rose. When it was finished we had to tip it on the table and put flower all over the dough. Harmony was peeling potatoes and cut them up and put them into the fryer. Matariki had to wait for the pancakes to be ready under the bottom and flip it around and wait again.

Rm 10 were Cooking Argentina food,

and Rm 12 were cooking Tonga food.
“ Yay we can put the garlic butter on the dough” “ Yay we can put the garlic butter on the dough” I said.

Later on we finished putting the Garlic butter

on before the dough was rolled.

Rm 12 finished doing their food.

Rm 10 finished doing their food.

We took our food down Tawaraunui on the table.
Whanau Whakaiti went to sit on there table and said karakia all together and we ate after karakia and we lined up and grabbed our food.
“ yum, yum in my tum” I said in a delicious way. Then we had to pack up down Tawaraunui and take them to Rm 10 Rm 12 and Rm 11.
I was dreaming about that day this week and I wanted to go back to that day.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Hello my name is Kararaina and I want to tell you about my story called the walking dead
Me and my friend Destiny has been working on our story. We have been learning about stop motion and WeVideo hope you will like the video.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My moment in time - game kick.
I ran to kick the ball and I can hear the crowd yelling “ GO CANADA”. When I kick the ball, I can see the crowd going wild and I can smell victory. I start to smile and run to kick the ball, all of my mates are coming up to me and hugging me. I run to the ball and line it up then I kick the ball. I listen to the crowd yelling “ GO CANADA”. As the ball flies through the sky,

I look at the audience, they are so happy and they start to cry with joy. We are starting the game all over again. When I run to my spot in our line I look at the crowd going wild. We all play the game and I am running with the ball as someone from Australia comes up to me.  I can see someone from Australia getting ready to tackle me but I say “here catch”, and pass the ball to my team mate. I slow down and take a ten second break and carry on running up to my mate. I see one person from Australia who is running towards my mate and I say “ I’m wide open”. He throws the rugby ball back to me and I sprint towards the goal with it.  I can feel the sweat as I am running as fast as the wind ducking and jumping over oncoming players. When I get to the goal I move closer to the line and I manage to drop the ball onto my boot and kick for goal.  I run around and I start cheering, I am so happy about myself getting the goal. The whistle blows

game is over, 80 minutes of sweat and nerves. We all line up behind each other, hugging each other, and leave the field to go back home. The game talk is all about me and my drop kick which wins us the RUGBY WORLD CUP.