Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Have you ever been in a Sea Rip before Rips can be dangerous they can suck you in the neck to the head and do not fight it back.

If you are in a Rip do not PANIC if you are like several miles away, and if you are scared and you want to go back to land, float and wait for the rip to calm down. Then when it calms, down go out of the sides and make your way back were you came from. When you see someone else in a rip make sure to let a life guard know and they will save you. When you see someone in danger do not forget ask a life guard or you can go save them.

Make sure when you spot a rip and see someone in the middle waving go tell a lifeguard.


  1. i like thids one. :)

  2. i like thids one. :)

  3. Nice work,I like how added in when there is a rip and you see some one waving go and tell a life guard or you rescue them and do not PANIC.
    What do you mean by sucks on your neck?
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  4. it sucks you in the neck to the head thats what i mean.