Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cross Country

E ako ana ahau ki te describe our feelings.

- I will start with I was so exhausted
- I will use adjectives (describing words)
- I will use adverbs (describe how I was doing something - ‘ly’ on the end)
- I will use similes ( compare two things using ‘like’ or ‘as’)

- Capital letters
- Fullstops
When i was running i was so tired and so exhausted.When I was running around the whole block i was running two times and so incredibly puffed.
I had a red face and my legs were shaking.
At the end i was fanning my face and i was breathing and I was so thirsty.
I could bearly can not feel my legs or body as how i could never hear my heart beating.
My face was sweaty and I was shaking and so tired and exhausted.

Friday, 8 August 2014

E ako ana ahau ki te:Write a recount about kohewhata marae and the taku maori show

At kohewhata marae there were three classes that went to kohewhata marae and there were two classes that came for day trips but after big lunch the junior classes went back to school.The classes was ruma 13,12,15 And the day trip classes were ruma 10,11.All of us had jobs and we were all in groups.There were kids that did some dishes and cook and done some shoes and do the wharepaku and the tables and the whare and vaqume and kapahaka.Everyone had lots of jobs and then we done kapahaka.When